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Our Beautiful Disaster

Fundraiser Extravaganza


"2020: Our Beautiful Disaster" is a fundraiser extravaganza for and by NO Productions Theatre with a weird and wonderful line-up of acts. This one-of-a-kind cabaret gathers friends and performers who were involved with the company over the past eight years, ever since its first post-earthquake production "My Beautiful Disaster".

Having produced over twenty original theatre shows since 2012, NO Productions has no shortage of amazing performers to infuse "Our Beautiful Disaster" with creative brilliance. The show will feature the company's "regulars" Nataliya Oryshchuk, David Allen, and Mike Adams (all leaving their comfort zone to try something new and risky) as well as our team mates Joanna Prendergast (aka Jo Ghastly), Charlotte Crone, Mim Conyers, John Bayne, Karen Hallsworth and Sven Balvan. There will be surprises, comedy, dancing, circus, live music, singing, more comedy and *more* surprises!

The funds raised from this show will help the company to recover and survive during the uncertainty of the pandemic era. In the intimate space of Space Academy, the local performing arts community will get together to celebrate their creative energy and affirm the hope for the future.

24 November 7pm

Space Academy

If you wish, you can help us by making a donation directly to our bank account: 

NO Productions Theatre


We are a registered non-profit organisation

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