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Turn of the Screw
Turn of the Screw
Danse Macabre ghost story
Nataliya Oryshchuk

The Girl from Transylvania

“Nataliya and David have a flair for comedy which kept me cackling in my seat from start to finish” (Backstage Christchurch)

A Picasso

"David Allen presents a layered performance which is tremendously forthright and surprisingly vulnerable" (Backstage)

"Nataliya Oryshchuk as Miss Fischer is clearly in the driver’s seat here (...) a lovely, three-dimensional performance is a delight to watch" (Backstage)

“A gripping duel” (Theatreview)

The Woman in Black

"Michael Adams shows his range and versatility with accomplished ease, as well as establishing the hapless solicitor who starts things off. (...) With his lean and expressive presence, David Allen seems custom-made for the Gothic realm. Between them, the pair presents a riveting experience within a fascinating story" (Theatreview)

A Sorcerer's Appendix

"Was this strictly a radio play? No, it was something much better. Having the opportunity to watch the performers as they jump from character to character transports this from the confines of radio very firmly into the realms of the truly theatrical" (Backstage)


"Clear characters, a significant context and the magical lure of the being we would all like to believe in, combine to offer a fascinating hour" (Theatreview)

Turn of the Screw

"Under intelligent direction from Michael Adams, David Allen and Nataliya Oryshchuk ensure that momentum through seven haunted days and nights is never lost" (Theatreview)

"The acting of Nataliya Oryshchuk and David Allen was sublime. Every nuance of their voice, every flicker of their facial muscles was harnessed" (Oamaru Mail)

"The quality of the acting and staging of James’ story reaffirms its power to disturb well into its second century" (University of Canterbury)

"It is a thought-provoking play that keeps unravelling as it reveals new and unexpected turns" (Theatreview)

Danse Macabre

"For two hours, you were not in Christchurch, but transported elsewhere, where the line between reality and the supernatural was as negligible as an evaporating thread of candle smoke. " (Big Mouf)

Whistle, and I'll Come to You

"There are lovely moments of stillness and silence, and the performance conveys beautifully the gothic dread of the original short story"

"This show aptly invokes the ambiance of the Edwardian ghost story – lamp light, long shadows, and pregnant silences"


My Beautiful Disaster Nataliya Oryshchuk

My Beautiful Disaster

"But the beauty of this very simple and strikingly presented story is that Agniszka not only survives but becomes a stronger, bolder person"

(Dominion Post)

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