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Originally coming to life as the Weeping Angel of Christchurch after devastating earthquakes, the Silver Angel - living statue or roving character - now descends on the city streets not to weep, but to bring joy and a playful challenge for adults and kids alike.

Available for various street festivals, corporate events, themed and garden parties, and also fundraisers in Canterbury and throughout New Zealand. Please use Contact page for bookings and inquiries. 


Colombina (aka Harlequina) is a porcelain figurine. She steps into the modern world directly from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte. In her spectacular 18th century motley outfit, she is famous for her spontaneous and unpredictable behaviour. Mysterious and alluring, she is watching modern passers-by through her famous mask: be prepared for a unique and playful experience!

Available for street festivals, corporate events, private parties. Please use Contact page for bookings and inquiries. 

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