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Halloween Special at Little Andromeda


Written by Nataliya Oryshchuk and David Allen, this is a pop-up, touring version of our show performed at the Old Stone House on 30 October and 1 November. 

... As dusk falls on the city of Christchurch, NO Productions Theatre invites you to join a popular 19th century literary salon on the eve of Halloween. Enjoy the delightful horror of Edgar Alan Poe’s tales performed by expert storytellers in soft candlelight. 

It is 1880, Christchurch, and the newly-arrived Lord Ravencourt (Michael Adams), patron of the arts, has secured the services of the famous Mr Allen (David Allen) to provide tonight’s entertainment... But everything is not as it seems. As the night grows darker, so do the stories... 

Limited seats, a special Halloween performance for Little Andromeda! 

PG12 recommended.

 31 October  8pm

Little Andromeda

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