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We regret that due to the Covid-19 situation we decided to postpone this production to Spring 2020. Please check for details later, and thank you for your support! 


In 2020, NO Productions Theatre in collaboration with Riccarton House present a special season of the award-winning play “Dear Jane” to mark John Deans's 200th birthday anniversary.

"Dear Jane" is an unusual take on the story of Jane Deans who emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand to follow her fiancé John Deans in 1852. It is closely entwined with the history of Riccarton House and will be performed at its Fine Dining Room. As twilight falls on the beautiful mansion, the audience will travel back in time to meet ghosts of the past...

Directed by the play’s author Nataliya Oryshchuk, it will be performed by three well-known Christchurch actors: Michael Adams, Karen Hallsworth and Matt Hudson.

Due to the nature of the venue, seats are strictly limited. PG 13 recommended.

Pre-bookings only.

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