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Despite having to cancel our much-anticipated season due to the world pandemonium... sorry, pandemic, we defiantly present a theatre creation

of the lockdown era: a special 2020 Zoom edition of Dear Jane.

DearJane-NewDates-3mmBleed - ZOOM-croppe

We bring you this award-winning story about Jane and John Deans to celebrate John Deans' 200th birthday anniversary. With a bit of technology and a lot of Kiwi ingenuity, we will be recording a live performance on Zoom. It will be made available for viewing from 10am Saturday 2 May to 10pm Monday 4 May (John’s 200th birthday!).


Directed by the play’s author Nataliya Oryshchuk, it will be performed by Michael Adams, Matt Hudson and Karen Hallsworth with a special voiceover by David Allen. Watch the 19th century characters to talk to each other by Zoom – somehow, the new adaptation makes the story even more relevant and relatable than ever.


The entrance is free! Donations would be much appreciated though: throw a coin into our hat, buy us a coffee – anything goes.

You can do so by direct bank transfer:

NO Productions Theatre


10 am Saturday 2 May - 

10 pm Monday 4 May

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