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The Girl

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New dates and venues
to be announced 

NO Productions Theatre are excited to premiere their new comedy despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune!


Two bumbling actors are facing up to their worst nightmares by producing a Very Gothic Show. David Allen has Post-Gothic Stress Disorder after performing too many ghost stories and Nataliya Oryshchuk embraces her Eastern European heritage – what can possibly go right!


The Raven keeps quoting “Evermore”, the Innocent Honeymooners break down in front of a Creepy Castle, and don’t get us started on VSVs (Very Seductive Vampires)!... A cabaret-style comedy with a touch of The Show that Goes Wrong, this production is a brand-new work by NO Productions Theatre, famous for its theatrical ghost stories and immersive storytelling.


“Nataliya and David have a flair for comedy which kept me cackling in my seat from start to finish” (Backstage Christchurch)

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