Gothic Tragedies
and Other Hilarities

Gothic Show.png

26 and 27 October, 7 pm

Little Andromeda

NO Productions Theatre are excited to premier their new work-in-progress!


Two incompetent actors are producing a Very Gothic Show - what can possibly go right! The Raven keeps quoting “Evermore”, and there is a growing concern about the supplies of jam in Gilead... But fear not – David Allen and Nataliya Oryshchuk will do their best to provide expert advice on what to do if your motorised carriage suddenly breaks down in front of a creepy castle, or how to resist a Very Seductive Vampire (VSV). Or even how to become a VSV! (or die trying). In fact, the show is full of useful tips tastefully hidden behind its dark Gothic façade… forevermore.

P.S. The wearing of garlic necklaces while attending this show is highly recommended. We cannot guarantee full protection against the forces of darkness that may be accidentally unleashed.