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Adventure at the Haunted House

July 10-12 and July 17-19 at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

It is Midwinter Yuletide and Riccarton House Ghost Tours are back - a must "see and do" these Winter Holidays!

A series of 30-min long immersive adventure-style tours are aimed at older kids (10+), teenagers and young adults, and based on the engrossing tales from the Deans family history. The adventurers will visit Deans Cottage and the House itself – including the much-dreaded Attic – under the guidance of the urbane yet sinister Dr. Wild and the nervous house maid Dorcas. It is rumoured that the ghost of Jane Deans may also make an appearance...

Audience numbers will be limited to 25 for each tour.

Book your adventure now to walk beside ghosts of history at Riccarton House!

Part of KidsFest 2018

Ferrymead Ghost Stories

NO Productions Ghost Tour at Ferrymead

"For two hours, you were not in Christchurch, but transported elsewhere, where the line between reality and the supernatural was as negligible as an evaporating thread of candle smoke" - Faustina Paustin, Big Mouf

The Edwardian township of Ferrymead Heritage Park was an ideal setting for a series of original adaptations of famous ghost stories. With its sinister shadows, mysterious sounds and unexpected encounters, these site-specific shows were very popular with Christchurch communities, and we are hoping to create more weird and macabre tales in this location.

Riccarton House Ghost Tours

This one-hour long immersive event entwined with the Deans family story featuring a walk around the grounds and Cottage, a brief visit to Deans Bush, and a tour of the house itself under the guidance of the urbane yet sinister Dr. Wild and the nervous house maid Dorcas. There was even talk about sightings of Jane Deans ghost...

We are always interested in other heritage locations around Canterbury and associated storytelling opportunities. We would gladly share our ideas based on both fiction and historical facts. We are passionate about creating evocative and memorable experiences.

Please get in touch using our Contact page.

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