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Ukraine to Middle-earth
and Back Again


Little Andromeda
17-18 February 2023

Nataliya Oryshchuk’s new solo show tells the story of a girl who left her native Kyiv and emigrated to Middle-earth.

Playful, funny, moving and raw, the show lovingly weaves together Nataliya’s New Zealand migrant experiences as “other” with her memories about Ukrainian cities which are now lost. Her protagonist is juggling identities as she tries to escape the real world – but is escape possible? “It is a dangerous business going out of your door…” There might be dragons!

Set-up with deceptive simplicity, the show unleashes the true magic of theatre, stimulating audience’s imagination and immersing them into the world of elves, blueberry muffins, antisemitic neighbours, human statues, Transylvanian heritage and, unavoidably, wars: current and past.

The season is dedicated to the anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

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