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History Discombobulated: 

mockumentary series

(about things that you don't need to know)


NO Productions Theatre present their new (and very special in many ways) mockumentary History Discombobulated: Episode 1, "Napoleon's Secret". Classified information, shocking truths, manuscripts in the bottle, and various conspiracies... The series contains all the historical data and mind-blowing conclusions that you really didn't need to know.


Created by David Allen, Nataliya Oryshchuk and Company, it is an unexpected and, um, surprising take on some famous historical events. The mockumentary is dedicated to the 1st of April and is a disturbed child of several lockdowns.

You can watch the full first episode here:


Episode 1: Pilot

Napoleon's Secret

In the first episode, the famous historian Percy Blake and Professor Know reveal the shocking truth about Napoleon's fate: forget all about St Helena. Ripapa Island near the Port Hills is the answer! They have a manuscript in the bottle to prove it...

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