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Takahē Twilight Tours:

Explore the gothic mysteries of

the Sign of the Takahē

CANCELLED until further notice

due to COVID-19


Explore the gothic mysteries of the Sign of the Takahē with acclaimed creators of immersive historical tours! 


The Cashmere “castle on the hill” has recently re-opened its gates to the public after undergoing many years of earthquake repairs. The tours celebrate the 100th anniversary of the opening of the (in)famous Tram Terminus Resthouse, the most cherished creation of Harry Ell.


Each tour offers a journey through the turbulent history of the famous landmark. The house is reputed to be haunted; and the spirits of the “Ell’s Angels” or even Harry Ell himself may or may not make an appearance... The discerning Guide, William Langford of Langfords (Christchurch actor David Allen) will lead the audience through the delightful twists and turns of the story. Sturdy footwear is recommended.

The popular Takahē cafe will be open after each tour, should you wish to linger over drinks, socialise and soak up the mysterious atmosphere.

The tours will start on the Lawn by the Sundial. Duration 45 min. Suitable for ages 12+. Limited season and limited audience only. 

10 March 7.30pm

17 March 7.30pm

24 March 7.30pm


16 March 7.30pm

23 March 7.30pm

The Sign of the Takahē, Cashmere

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